Wednesday, June 2, 2010

One Arm Bandit!

In this case I am not talking about a slot machine! I am the one arm bandit struggling to take care of myself. I had never given much thought regarding the challenges faced by physically challenged individuals. I have a new appreciation for their ability to meet each day challenge and succeed (brushing teeth, dressing, trying to prepare a meal) all the things I had taken for granted. I also find it difficult and time consuming trying to type. Confronting this dilemma I sought information on resources available to assist me in assignment postings. I found a site that provided information and devices that could be used in different disabilities and situations. Very interesting to read and view.
photo by DCTaylor


  1. I hope you are OK!
    My daughter fell off her bike this past weekend and hurt her elbow. We did the trip to the ER for x-rays. Thankfully, she did not break anything, but it looks painful.
    I appreciate your link to resources for those that are disabled. I did figure out how to switch a mouse so it is friendly for left-handed people--not a disablility, I know!--but still something that helped out the left-handed kindergarteners.

  2. Now this is what I call on the spot learning. Congrats to you for researching tools that will help you in your temporary situation! I do agree that when you don't have full use of any body part it's a real eye opener. If you're interested I would suggest Nuance-Dragon's Naturally Speaking software, - Great job on the typing with one arm :)

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  4. Oh no, Darnell what did you do?! Here's a cool video produced by a UNI student examining the challenges that disabled students face on campus.

  5. I gotta hand it to you (sorry, no pun intended) - you have the best excuse for short posts of us all! Amazing how when we find ourselves in a situation that challenges our normal ways we research the best way to deal with it. Hope things aren't too difficult for you.